17 year old Moca! from Melbourne, started his music journey in August 2021 and has be making music ever since.

Moca! has released 3 projects titled “Clouded”, “More than the mirror shows” & “What Now?”, and has worked with artists such as Djembe Xylem Just Noonk MaseratiKari.

He is very inspired by artists such as Frank Ocean Billie Eilish and Kendrick Lamar, and aspires to work with these artists one day.

“My goals as a musician is to leave a dent in the music industry, changing the game forever. I enjoy making soft glossy music taking inspiration from Billie Eilish, but also experimental music such as Frank Ocean. On occasion I’ll make a song inspired by JID and Kendrick Lamar.” – Moca!

Moca! is manifesting a big music career, and has what it takes to shock the world and make a change in this industry.