Luro is a young, Aspergers vocalist born and raised in the Dandenong Ranges. From her first performance at the age of nine, she’s dreamed of sharing her music with the world.

Heartfelt vocals with piano accompaniment is what Luro is all about. Featuring a voice with immense power, control and complexity. A vocalist capable of great contrast – light versus shade, strength versus softness and toughness versus raw emotion.

Writing originals enabled Luro to express raw feelings in the form of emotive lyrics and melody. Luro has over 20 originals from the empowering and uplifting ‘Crown’ to her gentle, soothing tune ‘The Dream’.

Luro is proudly Aspergers and considers that it provides her with a creative edge. Sharing her Aspergers with her audience has tremendously helped Luro embrace herself and her individuality.

Luro hopes her music can help others accept and embrace themselves. She dreams of sharing her music with audiences far and wide.