🔥 Ignite Uncancelled LIVE! Episode X – The Festival 🔥
Over 12 different young musicians & bands are performing LIVE on our Facebook & Youtube!
Get excited for an awesome festival of music! 🙌 🎉
The finale episode of Ignite Uncancelled! is definitely not to be missed, featuring many young artists, all aged 12-24.
This LIVE production is produced by many young people working behind the scenes, all led by professionals!
Majak Door, The Spaghetti Stains, Glass Elevator, St. Emerald, Angus Brill Reed, Olivia Mae, Mia Jeffers, Sage Roadknight, Lucy Louise, Niranjana, Victoria Nikolaou, Claudia Elise, Caity Henryk.
Hosted by Pia Nesvara
We will be going LIVE from our custom built broadcast studios, Elements Studios 😍 🎸
Event is FREE to watch, but we gratefully accept donations!