Our seventh live streamed performance starts at 8pm on June 6th with Hazel Street & Matthew Bright taking the stage for Ignite Uncancelled at our new custom built broadcast studios!
Prepare to be amazed by these talented local artists – we’ll be broadcasting them live on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube from 8pm!
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Hazel Street
We are the Hazel Street band, coming from the South eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
We’re a 5-piece band featuring Jake Sullivan as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Billie Peeters as Lead guitarist, Magnus Bock on keyboard, Jonathan Southern on Drums and Mitchell Sears playing Bass. 
We perform a mix of reggae, rock and indie, influenced by bands like Sticky Fingers, Lime Cordiale, Ocean Alley, Bootleg Rascal etc.
We’ve been together for 5 months and in that time we have written an 14 piece debut album being developed at the moment. 
We have thrown our own home performances with our friends and have many more gigs ahead at assorted clubs and pubs. Looking into the future we are heading towards a full recording of our album and getting onto larger streaming platforms while continuing to gig around, as we are still quite an early work and are hoping to get a name for ourselves.
Matthew Bright
EPISODE VII - 8:30pm

Coming Soon!