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Saturday 27th June
The Festival: 1pm-10pm

Claudia Elise
Episode X - 1pm

Claudia Elise is a Melbourne based musician. Mostly recognised for her creative songwriting and dynamic vocals. Claudia has been singing from a very young age but later taught herself guitar and keys more recently. She is currently studying her Bachelor of Music in Melbourne and is working hard everyday to create new music. Over the past few years Claudia has released a debut single ‘Our Lives’ which was released in 2017 on all major digital platforms. She is currently working on an EP which she hopes to record and release in the very near future.

Victoria Nikolaou
Episode X - 1:30pm

Victoria Nikolaou is 14 years old and is currently in year 9 at Wellington Secondary College. She has been performing at a number of events for the last 4 years. Last year Victoria was involved in the Victorian State School Spectacular Made of Stars Principal Choir which was aired on Channel 7. Victoria enjoys performing at charities and events like the Lynbrook Lantern Festival, Casey Relay for life, Knox Relay for life, Monash Battle of the Bands, Cranbourne Christmas Carols and the Knox Factor.

Episode X - 2pm

Niranjana has been trained in Indian classical music from the age of 8 and she has been learning Acoustic and Electric Guitar for the last 3 years. She also plays a variety of other instruments like Keyboard/Piano, Bass Guitar, Ukelele, Violin, Melodica, Electric Mandolin, Harmonium. She has been performing regularly at various gigs around Australia. She performed with a 46 piece live orchestra at the Sydney Oprah House in 2018 and also performed as the youngest artist at the Irish and Celtic festival in Yass, NSW in 2019.

Lucy Louise
Episode X - 2:30pm

Lucy is a 19 year old vocalist raised in Clematis and Emerald. She’s had a strong passion to pursue a music career ever since she first started singing and performing at the age of 9. With heartfelt vocals and piano accompaniment, performing a mix of well known covers to authentic originals which she dreams of sharing with the world.

Mia Jeffers
Episode X - 3:10pm

Mia Jeffers is a 17 year old singer-songwriter from Melbourne, her pop music is an insight into her life and what she is feeling and thinking about. Her songs are like diary entries for her because she has never had the attention span for a diary. Her music is reminiscent of pop music from when she was younger. Mia has been singing since she was 8 years old and songwriting since she was 11. All of her songs are written in her parents study on the piano by the window with her 3 year old dog, Mitch. “I want people to listen to my music and interpret however they like and I hope some of my songs give people comfort that when things are tough you aren’t alone and someone, somewhere has felt the exact same way as you” Mia has ADHD and has struggled with school all her life. “I always felt like I was dumb and not good enough to be successful. I also felt so alone because I didn’t know many people like me. My songs were closure for me and my feelings.”

Sage Roadknight
Episode X - 3:50pm

My name is Sage Roadknight, and I am a fourteen year old futuristic folk songwriter from the Macedon ranges. Music is a massive part of my life, in the last year I have played at many different venues in and around my local shire, with just my voice and my guitar. I write about many different topics and ideas, with styles and moods that go from flowing and entrancing to energetic and strong. During isolation I have been busy writing and recording a full length album.

Olivia Mae
Episode X - 4:30pm

Olivia Mae is an 18-year-old singer/songwriter from Melbourne whose Aussie twang and frank lyrics charmingly contrast with her lighthearted arrangements. Olivia has been a performer since her dad could get a guitar in her hands and regularly gigs around Melbourne. Olivia's original music is largely inspired by the complexities and unpredictable nature of teenage life, "grotty boys", understanding the desires of the heart, and an endless endeavour to find a socially acceptable level of recalcitrance. Her perceptive lyrics open an avenue for all listeners to relate and interpret as they like.

Caity Henryk
Episode X - 5:00pm

Caity Henryk is a local Australian singer, songwriter and mum of one! Henryk writes all of her own songs and loves to give people a real glimpse into her life as she shares them. Singing from a young age, Henryk’e solo style has a gentle acoustic pop sound and when paired with a strong yet husky voice her musical stories come to life.

St. Emerald
Episode X - 6:00pm

St. Emerald is an indie-pop band formed in Melbourne, Australia in September of 2018. Comprised of lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Liam Mackay, bassist Josh Scott, lead guitarist Cam Wiltshire, and drummer Nathan Goodwin; St. Emerald has now released 9 songs to Spotify including their debut EP "Worried Hearts". St. Emerald brings a unique fusion to the table.

Glass Elevator
Episode X - 6:50pm

Glass Elevator is a Melbourne based five-piece band. Fresh out of high school, meeting in their VCE VET music industry course they found playing together was much more than just for assessment. Since graduating the course in 2019 they have stepped onto the live music scene playing at venues such as The Evelyn Hotel, The Bergy Seltzer and The Palace Hotel. What was originally a little class band put together to complete the course grew into something more as they went straight from exams into giging (literally). Glass Elevator love to captivate the audience with fun classic songs, unmissable four - part harmonies and super groovy original songs. Glass Elevator are a bunch of fun, young and creative group of instrumentalist who can not be tied to one particular genre.

The Spaghetti Stains
Episode X - 7:30pm

Based between Central Gippsland and Melbourne, The Spaghetti Stains are a three piece, all female band with sound deriving from alternative/indie and surf rock origins. These gals have been gigging all over with their upbeat vibes and hauntingly captivating harmonies. Their debut single 'Toast to the Coast' has racked up over 19k Spotify streams and scored airtime on Triple J and SYN radio stations, as well as their subsequent single ‘Lolly Boys’.

Episode X - 8:00pm

Majak Door are a groovy 6 piece combination of sly surf-rock, 60's psychedelia, dreamy wave pop and easy going beats that move you. The gang began gigging relentlessly over 2018/19, releasing 2 EP's and a number of singles, playing at parties and events where they honed their sound. Majak Door are limber and are well brushed up on their dance moves, set to make each one of their shows an especially good time for the lucky crowd that gets to share the vibe. 2020 is looking bright with a debut album in the pipeline which you can hear glimpses of in their current live show.

Angus Brill Reed
Episode X - 9:00pm

Shortlisted for Eurovision, collaborations with ARIA winning Peter Holz, featured on ABC and SBS TV, Young Composer of the Year and a slew of national and international songwriting awards, 16 year old ANGUS Brill Reed is a singer-songwriter, musician, DJ and producer from Adelaide, South Australia. ​ Inspired by the late and great Avicii, ANGUS Brill Reed's debut singles combine positive lyrics, infectious melodies and fresh production to deliver a blend of indie pop with feel good EDM energy. In 2019, Angus was a Top 5 EDM Finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest, Top 15 youth Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and a Top 10 youth Finalist in the Australian Songwriting Awards. Angus' debut EP - a collection of accessible and unpretentious original tracks focussing on contemporary issues - is set for release in late 2020.